About Us

Tinderbox is a fully fledged Brand Experience Agency incorporating total event production, exhibition, brand activations & conference solutions, offering a single point of contact for all strategic and creative experiential corporate communications and projects.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that every event or experiential activity is tailor made to align itself with the brand message, company values and target audience – one size does not fit all! With extensive experiential experience ranging across all sectors of the economy and eventing disciplines, a proven track record, and full BEE credentials, Tinderbox sets itself apart as a holistic experiantial agency from the traditional & stale event companies.

Knowing that successful company event depends upon a combination of key ingredients - creativity & flair, pedantic planning and attention to detail, flawless implementation and people skills, Tinderbox does it properly, or not all!

Our Mission & Mantra

Quite simply, Tinderbox will provide the South African market with unforgettable brand experiences worthy of international acclaim. We produce proud, passionate brand experiences within budget, on time and professionally!

Meet the Team

We have a core team of permanent staff and specialist freelancers, such as choreographers, artists, security and event crew are brought in on a per project basis to contain overhead and client costs. Personalised service and attention is guaranteed!